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Hi friend! I'm Cassi.

“Ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that because the world needs more people who have come alive.” 

Ashlee Stanfield

Hey there, I'm Cassi

Think of me as your personal hype girl

Think of me as your protective best friend who you go to for advice when you need someone to keep it real and just tell you the hard things you need to hear. Think of me as your personal hype girl who’s gonna remind you who you are and what you’re capable of, your strengths and your power. Because I’m the friend who has been through hell and needed that reminder more times than I could count.
It all started when I turned 26. 

It’s funny; I spent the majority of 26 dreading 27. Why? I couldn’t tell you. Maybe it’s because 27 has always been my lucky number. But with that magic number fast approaching, I felt anything but lucky. I was out of work due to the pandemic. I felt stuck in an incredibly unhealthy, unhappy relationship. I wasn’t anywhere near where I had wanted to be at that point in life and I had no vision for my future anymore. I just knew that the life I was living, if you could even call it that, wasn’t it. 

But something inside me just kept screaming that it was too late for me. Too late to start over. Too late to create a life for myself. Too late to chase my dreams, to learn to love myself, to be who and what I want to be. 

 I was at a cross-roads. Settle for living a life I knew I’d never be truly happy with.  Or finally make myself my top priority and create the life I wanted.

I was at a crossroads...

Two years, a move halfway across the country, and multiple set backs later, I’m still on my journey of self discovery and I’m going to share my life experiences, the tools I wish I had, and the things I wish I had known along the way.

And as any real friend would, you best believe that I will challenge you to put all of that to use, to do more, and to be better, becoming the absolute best version of yourself along with me.
I’m not sure where you’re at in your journey. Maybe you’re like me, finally choosing you and stepping into your power for the first time in your life. Maybe you’re going through some major life changes and want to write yourself a new chapter. Or maybe you’re lost and are looking to rediscover yourself and find a sense of direction. 

Whatever the reason, I just want you to know that I am so glad that you’re here. You don’t have to write this chapter alone.

xo, Cassi

my fave things

  • Taylor Swift; Especially Reputation and Midnights (Til Dawn Edition)
  • Stargazer Lilies
  • Tea; Especially Peach Green & Vanilla Caramel Chai
  • The Denver Nuggets, Especially the 2023 NBA Championship 

things I value

things I value

In this digital day and age, it’s hard to trust anything anyone shares. Celebrities and Influencers will share just about anything and everything, regardless of if they actually know the product or company, if they actually like it and use it, if it actually works, or if it’s actually safe, healthy, and beneficial. But not here...

If you should know anything about me, it’s that I have never and will never promote a product or company that I don’t genuinely know, use, and love. I have never and will never partner with a product or company that I do not genuinely believe in. You will never see anything on my blog or socials that I have not personally tried and that I do not wholeheartedly stand behind.


Personal development and self-love are messy. I know all too well that the journey is not all the perfectly curated highlights you see. I have wasted too much of my life feeling like I had to have it all together in order to share my stories, afraid of showing the imperfect parts of myself. Sound familiar?

I intend to be as authentic as possible to make genuine connections and cultivate a supportive, like-minded community. I’m not going to hide the struggles and imperfections anymore. We’re going to get as real and raw as if we have known each other our whole lives: sitting on the floor in our room, two bottles in, screaming Taylor Swift at the top of our lungs, and sharing our deepest and darkest.


There’s something truly beautiful in discovering our real self on every level; our strengths, values, desires, goals, and visions. Only then can we realistically and intentionally become the person we truly want to be. After all, your relationship with yourself is the longest, most intimate, most important relationship you’ll ever have. Right?

Because I struggled for so long not fully knowing and embracing my true self, and am still discovering every day, I’m passionate about taking that journey together so you never have to feel like you’re in it alone. Everything I share will be what I have learned on my journey and I encourage you to discover for yourself how these tips and lessons may apply to you.

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